2005-2006 Presidentfs Inaugural Address

Tsukuba Toastmasters: The Great Helpers


Yoshimasa Machida

(July 2, 2005)


gA guillotine is going to come down on me,h I sensed when the nomination committee chairman, TM Nagata, fired me as a member of the nomination committee.  I had told President Suzuki and TM Nagata repeatedly that I would not accept Presidency when they suggested that I become President.  My philosophy is that the burden of officers should be shared equally by everyone; and the burden of President is certainly very heavy.  So, why me again?  I have already served as the President, the Secretary, and twice as the VPE.  Isnft it good enough?  Perhaps, Nagata-san thought that my performance was not good enough and gave me this punishment.  But anyway, I accepted Nagata-sanfs repeated request in the end.  It is true that I accepted this office unwillingly, but now that the guillotine has actually fallen on me, I will forget about the past and do my best with your support.


Fifteen years ago, my slogan as the President was gLearn more by doing more.h  This year, my motto is gLearn more by helping more.h  Toastmasters is a learn-by-doing organization.  We learn by doing.  But, actually, we can learn by doing without Toastmasters.  Then, why do we come to Toastmasters?  As for me, I come to Toastmasters because I like it.  I like the atmosphere of the Tsukuba Toastmasters Club.  Then, what aspect of atmosphere do I like?  I like the atmosphere of mutual support among our club members; in other words, I like the help-each other atmosphere.  Yes, Toastmasters is a learn-by doing organization, but more importantly, we are a help-each other organization.  We learn by helping each other.  I firmly believe that when the two mottos gLearn more by doing moreh and gLearn more by helping moreh become merged and amalgamated, we will reach a new height of learning.


Fifteen years ago, I was lucky to have wonderful Toastmasters including Fukumoto-san, Hashida-san, Matsushima-san, and Negi-san to help me out.  Fifteen years ago, I was lucky to welcome many new enthusiastic members like Kondo-san and Hayashi-san.  This year I am very happy that I have you to help me, and I am looking forward to welcoming new members whose faces we do not know yet.


This year marks the 20th Anniversary of our club charter.  Fifteen years ago, we had a big, gorgeous celebration of the 5th Anniversary.  This year also, we would like to do something to celebrate the 20th Anniversary.    I am thinking of appointing some members to take the lead of the celebration after consultation with the EC members.  And I would appreciate your cooperation.


Last but not least, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Madam President TM S Suzuki.  She has done a tremendous job as President to make our club lively, enjoyable, and attractive.  Also, I would like to express my sincere thanks to other officers in Suzuki-sanfs team.  Ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me in giving Suzuki-san and her team a warm, round of applause.  ..........  Thank you.


I believe that, in Toastmasters, ghelpersh is synonymous with gleaders.h  So, ladies and gentlemen, letfs glearn more by helping moreh and become the Great Helpers.