Titles of carving on bird's flying poses

Non-flapping flight

Black kite soaring in thermal ascending current

Common buzzard hanging in climbing air current along a slope

Short-tauked albartross soaring by making use of boundary layer of wind
blowing on ocean

Spotbill duck in parachuting fall before landing

Black stork parachuting toward the nest on height

Common kingfisher diving with folding wing

Peregrine falcon diving from high altitude

Japanese pheasant moving with high speed gliding

Owl in silent somewhat accelerating glide at the ambush hunting

Carrion crow landing on flat ground by decelerating glide

Bull-headed shrike landing on a branch of tree

Grey-faced buzzard-eagle landing the nest on tree through forest

Japanese pied wagtail using bounding and intermittent beating

Brown-eared bulbul using bounding and intermittent beating

Tree sparrow using bounding and intermittent beating

Gray starling flying in a straight line with intermittent beating

House swallow in bounding flight by riding on wind over sea-wave

Slalom of house swallow

Flapping flight -1

Red-crowned crane in beating flight with almost one hinge

Great egret in typical beating flight with two hinges

White-fronted goose migrating in a formation flight riding on fair wind

Japanese cormorants migrating in a formation flight skimming along surface
of calmed down sea

Migrating Japanese quail

Ancient murrelet in beating flight inside water

Ancient murrelet in beating flight at sea

Japanese pied wagtail producing thrust continuously by beating wing parallel
to the line of march quickly

Pigeon gaining thrust in flapping up run by back drive primaries

Glaucous gull going by force against strong wind

Common kestrel hovering toward wind

Hovering of tree sparrow

Hovering of skylark

Flapping flight -2

Bewick's swan taking off with approach run

Mallard taking off directly from water surface

Eastern turtle dove taking off directly from ground

Merlin taking off from a branch of tree

White-faced shearwater taking off by running down on a swelling wave

Eastern turtle dove in emergency takeoff

Japanese pheasant in emergency takeoff

Green-winged teal in emergency takeoff

Columba livia landing by flapping with short steps

Short-tauked albatross by flapping with short steps toward wind

Black-headed gull temporarily stopping in air or landing point

White-tailed sea eagle taking off with caught fish

Common tem taking off with a fish in its bill

Titles of explanation panel on bird's flight dynamics

Ways and classification of bird's flight

Force acting on a flying bird

Method producing a lift considered up to date

Techniqe changing direction freely without vertical tail

Mechanism of beating flight

Ways of eco-flight

Multi-structure with movement of bird and surrounding air

Necessary conditions to bird's flight

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